In safe hands

Established in 1992 Capital VIP specialise in staging Public School Balls in the UK.

As well as throwing the most awe inspiring parties, we enable under 18’s to enjoy a proper nightclubbing experience in a controlled and safe environment. Our impeccable safety record pays tribute to the lengths we go to, to ensure a professional and safe party as well as peace of mind for the parents whose children attend.

At all of our events we have professional male and female security on hand to assist party goers, as well as stewards and first aid medics. On arrival all guests are searched to make sure they do not bring in anything that they should not. We keep the contact details of all parents who have bought tickets on file at the event, so that in the rare instance of misbehaviour, illness or any other situation that we deem necessary; we are able to get in touch with the responsible adult immediately.

We have a strict policy against drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

At the end of the evening we do not let the party goers simply spill out onto the streets. All guests are contained in an external area, where our stewards will then couple teenagers to parents. We do not allow public transport under any circumstances. We advise against taxis, however, should you feel the need to use a taxi service we do have a list of recommended taxi firms available. For more information call us on 020 3220 0123.

For further information please download the PDF file or contact us in the office on 020 3220 0123. We will be happy to discuss all elements of our events with you and we will send you a hard copy of the PDF should you wish.

An email from Anne Palmer received the day after the May Day Ball 2013:

I just wanted to congratulate your organisation on last night’s party ( for 14-17yr olds) at Ministry of Sound.
This is my second time around, having already had my eldest daughter attend past VIP “dos”, and I was reminded last night, what a great event you run from a parents viewpoint.
Everyone was well behaved and your security guys good humoured. As before your security really checked everyone out to a parent/guardian, and I was really impressed to see the main security guy take a phone off a pleading young girl talking to her taxi driver, to tell that taxi driver that he wasn’t going to let a group of young girls out of there to wander and meet up with the driver. You were true to your word, and give great value for money,
Well done and thanks
Anne Palmer